HOOK & MOOR VARIO Mooring boat hook

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The HOOK & MOOR Vario makes mooring safe and easy. Thanks to its sophisticated, ball-bearing mechanism boat lines can be threaded through rings, bollards, cleats or ladders very quickly. The benefit of the HOOK & MOOR boat hook is that it pulls the mooring rope through the ring and back onto the boat in one motion without having to reach dangerously far overboard. Just place the eye of the dock line in the carabiner of the HOOK & MOOR, reach down and pull the hook right through the cleat or mooring eye and bring the dock line back towards the boat to secure the line’s eye on the cleat.

When locking, mooring to a piling, tying up at mooring buoys, pier or jetty, the mooring boat hook HOOK & MOOR Vario is an ingenious mooring aid that speeds of making a line connection and provides more safety. Especially when sailing with a small crew or onboard boats with high freeboard the patented grab hook can be a very helpful addition to the boat equipment. When locked, the HOOK & MOOR Vario can also be used as a normal adjustable boat hook.

The hook and its mechanism are made of carbon fibre-reinforced polyamide and stainless steel, the telescopic handle bar is made of forged aluminium.

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    Article-No. Length (m) Hook (mm) Handle Weight (kg) Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    1221-802 1,02-2,50 inside-Ø (mm) 40 x 32 mm 1,19 Al-Bootshaken 1,02m-2,50m HOOK&MOOR VARIO 2 Aluminium
    Art.Nr.: 1221-802
    length (m): 1,02-2,50
    hook (mm): inside-Ø (mm)
    handle: 40 x 32 mm
    weight (kg): 1,19
    net: €175.55

    In stock.

    net: €175.55

    In stock.

    1221-803 1,25-3,20 inside-Ø (mm) 40 x 32 mm 1,37 Al-Bootshaken 1,25m-3,20m HOOK&MOOR VARIO 3 Aluminium
    Art.Nr.: 1221-803
    weight (kg): 1,37
    length (m): 1,25-3,20
    hook (mm): inside-Ø (mm)
    handle: 40 x 32 mm
    net: €184.79

    In stock.

    net: €184.79

    In stock.

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