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4755_02 Stainless steel latch square
Shapely square latch for a hatch or a drawer made from precision casting innox with concealed screw holes. No clatter due to the spring-loaded handle! Mounting on plastic or ply wood is easily possible since the fitting is not trimmed...
from €25.40
Art.-Nr.: 4755...
4769*01 Muschelgriff aus Edelstahl Stainless steel drawer handle
Plain, shapely drawer handle from highly polished stainless steel casting. Weight: 40g.
from €10.20
Art.-Nr.: 4769...
4887*01 Edelstahl Handgriff Stainless steel grab handle
Hand grip made from innox steel (AISI316).
from €5.90
Art.-Nr.: 4887...
6220_01 Bronze locker handle
The base and handle are made of bronze with tumbled matt finished surface. Very strong, beautifully designed carrying handle for a sea chest or a locker seat, the smaller sizes also qualify as flush handle.
from €44.90
Art.-Nr.: 6220...
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4541_01 Flush handle
from €11.70
4707*01 Muschelgriff für Schubladen Messing Drawer handle
from €9.95
4745*01 Truhengriff Locker handle
from €24.25
4746*02 Muschelgriff Messing Drawer handle
from €13.50
4746*03 Muschelgriff Drawer handle
from €18.60
4747_01 Drawer handle
from €10.60
4747_02 Drawer handle
from €8.90
4748_01 Handle
from €22.10