Set ALTITUDE 842 with three instruments

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Small and affordable series ALTITUDE 842 is characterized by its compact dimensions and delicate appearance. The cases are made entirely of brass, the surfaces are highly polished and painted twice.

The barometer movement works with a pressure box.

Time setting, battery replacement and adjustment are performed on the back, the respective instrument is removed from the wall for this purpose.

The clock is supplied without batteries.

The ALTITUDE 842 series set consists of a quartz clock with Roman dial, a barometer and a comfortmeter (thermometer with hygrometer).

Weight: 135 g each.

ALTITUDE Marine Instruments: Founded in 1955, this traditional French company in the field of precision mechanics is now part of the Danish manufacture DELITE, known for high-quality lamps and instruments made of brass. The instruments are manufactured there in high quality.

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    Article-No. Description Model D1 (mm) H (mm) D2 (mm) Article Price (Set) Delivery Quantity
    3464-211 set of 3 instruments ALTITUDE 842 95 40 61 Ms-Serie ALTITUDE 842: Instrumente mit 10%Rabatt:
    Art.Nr.: 3464-211
    H (mm): 40
    D1 (mm): 95
    D2 (mm): 61
    description: set of 3 instruments
    model: ALTITUDE 842
    net: €164.50

    In stock.

    net: €164.50

    In stock.