Gaskocher RUMBA HPV

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High-quality 2-burner gas stove with ignition fuse and piezo igniter. Due to the highly efficient, modern burner technology, maximum heating power is achieved with minimum gas consumption.

The ignition safety device interrupts the gas supply if the flame is mistakenly extinguished (e.g. by a violent gust of wind).

With the piezo ignition a spark is ignited at the burner, so that the gas flowing past starts to burn.

The power of the burners is infinitely adjustable via rotary control. A removable lid protects the burners when not in use and simplifies storage.

An 80 cm gas hose is included.
Connection 2 x 1/4" left.

Technical data:

  • operating pressure 30 mbar
  • Burner power 1 x 1,6 kW and 1 x 2,2 kW
  • gas consumption 270 g/h
  • weight 3,2 kg
  • Dimensions 500 x 294 x 84 mm

Manufactured at HPV in Saxony, housing made of powder-coated sheet steel, pot grate chrome-plated.

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    Article-No. Model Version Colour Width (mm) Depth (mm) Height (mm) Weight (kg) Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    4323-112 RUMBA 2 burners blue 500 294 84 3,2 Gaskocher RUMBA 2-flammig blau m. Deckel und Piezo
    Art.Nr.: 4323-112
    colour: blue
    height (mm): 84
    version: 2 burners
    width (mm): 500
    weight (kg): 3,2
    model: RUMBA
    depth (mm): 294
    net: €108.40

    In stock.

    net: €108.40

    In stock.

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