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A convenient way for the secure cut-off of the LPG facility.
The gas supply is shut off directly at the bottle comfortably and safely by the push of a button from the inside the cabin.
This system is especially suited for the employment on boats, since the shutoff happens directly at the bottle at the connection of the pipe and the ingression of gas into the cabin can therefore be eliminated with a proper instalment.

Shipment / installation:
magnetic valve (to be installed between the gas hose and the gas pipe) with 1,4m cord,
flush-mounted operating device (measurements: 80 x 65 x 20mm) with switch and LED.

A surface-mounted frame is available as an accessory.

magnetic valve, inlet 1/4" left, cap nut, outlet 1/4" left, outer threads.
Max. 1,0kg/h.
For 12 V systems.
Waterproof IP54.

No power consumption when the vent is closed.

This product is applicable for the operation and placement in a zone II (i.e. a bottle case) for a hazardous area according to the ATEX policy 94/9/EG.

Notice: a permission is available for the TRUMA LPG remote switch only for caravans, mobile homes or site trailers at the present moment (12/2020). The manufacturer TRUMA has allowed the maritime permit to expire, with the result, that the user has to operate at his/her own responsibility or in consultation with an expert for the approval of an onboard LPG installation (details at

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    4717-003 gas remote switch TRUMA Gasfernschalter GSE TRUMA 12V Eingang R1/4"LH
    Art.Nr.: 4717-003
    description: gas remote switch TRUMA
    net: €144.54

    In stock.

    net: €144.54

    In stock.

    4717-101 surface-mounting frame Aufputzrahmen für Bedienteil Gasfernschalter TRUMA
    Art.Nr.: 4717-101
    description: surface-mounting frame
    net: €10.88

    In stock.

    net: €10.88

    In stock.

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