Flexible pressure tube TAYLOR'S CTK1140

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Flexible metal-plated pressure hose pipe for connecting pressure lines and gimbaled stoves.

The gimbaled stove, when not locked in place, swings continuously, thus these hose pipe
fittings have high wear resistance. Note that when in harbor, etc., the stove must be locked.

Length 980 mm.

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    Article-No. Model Description Length (mm) Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    4327-140 flexible pressure tubing TAYLOR'S CTK 1140 980 Flexibler Druckschlauch(Nr.18) TAYLOR'S-Nr.CTK1140
    Art.Nr.: 4327-140
    description: TAYLOR'S CTK 1140
    model: flexible pressure tubing
    length (mm): 980
    net: €74.79

    In stock.

    net: €74.79

    In stock.

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