BATSYSTEM MiniSleeve LED light strip

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BATSYSTEM's Mini Sleeve is an elegant and flexible LED light band, which is integrated into a soft, transparent plastic profile.
It offers multiple possibilities for indirect lighting and light effects.
The version front light is shining out from the wide side of the profile and can be glued directly to the surface or mounted in a 7 mm channel.
The version side light is shining out from the narrow side of the profile and can be glued directly to the surface or mounted in a 4 mm channel.
Equipped with 60 LEDs per metre, 4,5 Watt, 350 Lumen/m.
Measurements: width 7 mm x height 4 mm, complete length 2 m.

The profile can easily be shortened after every third LED, where the power supply is already fitted by the manufacturer in order not to need to solder.

A DC/DC voltage converter 8-30 Volt is needed in order to connect it to the ship's supply system because this light band uses 12,5 Volt precisely.

BATSYSTEM is a manufacturer from Sweden, that has been successfully active in the maritime business for over 30 years. Their products are the result of practical experience and professional developments in response to requirements from industry, trade, boat yards and the maritime sector worldwide.
The complete range evolves constantly and is complemented by new, high quality and innovative products. The program comprises special lighting systems for comfortable and effective lighting on board. Renowned yards from around the world employ the lights by BATSYSTEM on their yachts.
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    4760-048 front light LED-MiniSleeve Frontlight für 12Volt 2m-Lichtband
    Art.Nr.: 4760-048
    version: front light
    net: €53.78

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    net: €53.78

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    4760-049 side light LED-MiniSleeve Sidelight für 12Volt 2m-Lichtband
    Art.Nr.: 4760-049
    version: side light
    net: €60.92

    In stock.

    net: €60.92

    In stock.

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