Galley lamp DHR stainless steel

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Simple, practical table lamp.
When hung by the handle, also usable as a wall lamp.
Tank and handle of stainless steel, chromed brass burner.

Available design:
Paraffin (kerosene): 14''' glass chimney KOSMOS, wick and relatively large burner.
Tank contents: 0.85 l for approx. 60 hours burning time.
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    Article-No. Model Version H (mm) D (mm) Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    4044-214 Petroleum, 14''' inox 290 170 A2-Kombüsenleuchte/Petroleum/Brenner 14-linig
    Art.Nr.: 4044-214
    version: inox
    D (mm): 170
    H (mm): 290
    model: Petroleum, 14'''
    net: €73.11

    On request.

    net: €73.11

    On request.

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