REFLEKS oil heater 67MKS

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The large REFLEKS central-heating stove with built-in copper heating coil, with ground cast-iron cooking plate and surrounding rim (80 mm high).
This stove heats large ships.

Model 67 MKS.

Total heat output: 7.2 kW (6200 kcal/h)
Warm-water output: 4.9 kW (4200 kcal/h)
Warm-air output: 2.3 kW (2000 kcal/h)
Fuel consumption: min./max. 0.3 / 1.0 l/h
Weight: 18 kg
For room sizes of approx. 62 - 103 m.sq.

REFLEKS ships' ovens and stoves have been developed specially for shipping. They and their accessories are made of rust-free stainless steel; in exhaust areas, acid-proof stainless steel.
The burner shells are made of precision steel.

All stoves are equipped with a proven ship's fuel regulator, that ensures the trouble-free function of the stove at heeling angles of up to 15°C and a high level of reliability.
More than 100,000 REFLEKS stoves have proven themselves worldwide for decades aboard fishing and other vessels in Scandinavia. They require no electrical connection, are easy to install, work totally odor-free and give off a cozy warmth.

Extensive installation and use instructions are included.
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    Article-No. Model Output (kW) Weight (kg) Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    4267-003 67 MKS 7,2 18,00 REFLEKS Ölofen 67MKS Edelstahl
    Art.Nr.: 4267-003
    weight (kg): 18,00
    output (kW): 7,2
    model: 67 MKS
    net: €2,268.91

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    net: €2,268.91

    In stock.

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