Diesel heater 2,5kW WALLAS 22GB

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The new 22GB offers more heating power and greater air volume than previous 22DT.
Brushless radial blower motor for perfect ventilation at low noise emission.
With its new laminar flow burner and new software, the 22GB is designed to work with today's road and boat diesels (EN590) but also with future renewable (HVO 15940) and blended (B10 EN 16734, B20/B30 EN 16709) bio road diesels. This means the 22GB is ready for fuels being developed for the future.
The new greenboost burner has ultra-low emissions, including very low CO2 and NOx levels.
Low electric power consumption (12 V, 0,55-1,0 A), long life time, corrosion resistant metal body, 3 years warranty, service stations world wide.
Cable connected control panel with integrated thermostat.
Two air inlets, two warm air outlets.

Measurements see grid below. Easy replacemet of former WALLAS DT heating systems, because the measurements and connections are identical.

Package contains: Heater, wall mount bracket, control panel with thermostat (with 6,0 m connection cable), 4,0 m fuel pipe with filter, 4,0 m power cable with 15 amps fuse.

Installation material for exhaust, fresh and warm air is not included and must be ordered separately.
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    Article-No. Model L (mm) W (B) (mm) T (mm) Power (W) Consumption Air circulation Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    4723-023 22GB 424 278 140 1,0-2,5 kW 0,1-0,25 l/h 51-79 m³/h Diesel-Heizung WALLAS 22GB 12V*1-2,5kW inkl.Panel
    Art.Nr.: 4723-023
    power (W): 1,0-2,5 kW
    consumption: 0,1-0,25 l/h
    T (mm): 140
    W (B) (mm): 278
    L (mm): 424
    model: 22GB
    air circulation: 51-79 m³/h
    net: €1,483.19

    In stock.

    net: €1,483.19

    In stock.

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