Phone Holder EMIL for iPhone 12&13

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With help of the magnetic mobile phone holder "EMIL SAILOR" made of solid teak, the iPhone 12 & 13 can be easily attached to the boat. The MagSafe technology in Apple’s latest iPhones ensures that the iPhone is firmly attached to the holder and can easily be removed by hand at any time. Thanks to the magnets integrated in the mobile phone and the holder, no parts need to be attached to the mobile phone.

The bracket itself is equipped with a 4mm internal thread made of stainless steel for attachment to the board. Alternatively, it can be attached to any surface using the 3M adhesive patch supplied.

Note: Only works with iPhones 12 & 13 and those equipped with MagSafe. If a mobile phone case is used, make sure that it supports Apple's MagSafe mechanism.

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    Article-No. D (mm) H (mm) Material Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    5703-010 60 9 Teakholz Handyhalterung EMIL SAILOR - Teakholz
    Art.Nr.: 5703-010
    D (mm): 60
    H (mm): 9
    material: Teakholz
    net: €41.93

    In stock.

    net: €41.93

    In stock.