Red parachute rocket CF3 SOLAS

3001*05 Rote Fallschirmrakete CF3 SOLAS
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Hand-held parachute rocket, red: Reliable emergency signal, safe and reliable in storage and hand use.
Max. height 350 m, burning 40 sec at 30.000 cd.

Certificated SOLAS 74, IMO-Resolution MSC.81(70).

Pyrotechnic emergency signal BAM-Klasse P2: May only be sold to customers who have a boat license with the registered exemption following "Paragraph 1 Abs.3 Erste SprengV" or equivalent (a photocopy will do)

Pyrotechnic equipment may not be shipped outside Germany! Higher shipping costs and a minimum order value of Euro 150,- inside Germany also apply.

PYROPOL distress signals:
Quality has been the guiding principle of Mr. Carl Flemming, who founded the company in Hamburg more than one hundred years ago. Today the company develops, produces and markets pyrotechnic distress signals. Now the family business is run in the third generation by the grandson of the founder.
Savety, reliability and quality are always of the highest order. All PYROPOL distress signals are CE certified and inspected and approved by the BAM (Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung).
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    Article-No. Colour Certification BAM Burn time (sec) Intensity (cd) Altitude (m) L (mm) D (mm) Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    3001-008 red SOLAS PT2 40 30000 350 265 40 SOLAS-Fallschirmrakete rot CF3 PYROPOL 1304800
    Art.Nr.: 3001-008
    D (mm): 40
    altitude (m): 350
    L (mm): 265
    colour: red
    intensity (cd): 30000
    certification: SOLAS
    burn time (sec): 40
    BAM: PT2
    net: €24.79

    In stock.

    net: €24.79

    In stock.