Heaving line throwing sailcloth bag

1710*02 Wurfleinen-Sandsack
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Hand-sewn sailcloth bag with strong brass grommet.
Made from rot-proof DURADON, colour maroon (red).
The bag is filled with fine sand.
With this weight a light line can be thrown ashore to make a connection and bring the actual dockline ashore.

A functional substitute for the classic monkey's fist.

As throwing line, we recommend floating SPLEITEX rope.
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    Article-No. Weight (g) Material Colour Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    1710-704 500 DURADON maroon Wurfleinen-Sandsack 500g Persenningtuch mit Öse
    Art.Nr.: 1710-704
    material: DURADON
    weight (g): 500
    colour: maroon
    net: €16.39

    In stock.

    net: €16.39

    In stock.