DHR searchlight LED model CB with internal control unit

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The DHR150-series searchlight is a Classic. Introduced in the 60's it has been a popular fixture in the recreational boating ever since. Thanks to the evolvement of LED technology, DHR decided to transition to modern LED technology for this searchlight.

The body of the spot is made from stainless steel - type CB with below deck control lever and a through deck and cable duct made from chrome plated brass, allowing a turning range of 360° horizontal, 30° vertical.
protection class IP66.

Additionally, DHR selected a unique optical design to realize a clear focused spot, while keeping stray light to a minimum.

The LED unit (see matching article) can also be used to retrofit older headlights.
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    Article-No. Model Voltage (V) Consumption (W) Range (m) Intensity (cd) Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    3257-010 180CB-LED 10-32 20 550 300000 DHR-LED-Suchscheinwerfer 180mm 12-32V
    Art.Nr.: 3257-010
    range (m): 550
    intensity (cd): 300000
    voltage (V): 10-32
    consumption (W): 20
    model: 180CB-LED
    net: €670.59

    In stock.

    net: €670.59

    In stock.

    3259-010 150CB-LED 10-32 10 450 200000 DHR-LED-Suchscheinwerfer 150mm 12-32V*200000cd
    Art.Nr.: 3259-010
    range (m): 450
    intensity (cd): 200000
    voltage (V): 10-32
    consumption (W): 10
    model: 150CB-LED
    net: €394.12

    In stock.

    net: €394.12

    In stock.

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