NAUTIC TALK SL Bluetooth hands-free communication system

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NAUTIC TALK SL is a Bluetooth communication system that can be used wherever you need to talk to each other but don't have your hands free. As there is no need to press a call button, work can continue effortlessly with two hands during communication. Be it on motor cargo ships, push boats, tankers, tall ships or mega yachts.

The Bluetooth system is self-sufficient. The NAUTIC TALK modules communicate with each other in intercom mode independently of a mobile phone, CB radio or VHF radio within a radius of up to 1,000 metres. This makes annoying interference or interruptions caused by third-party radio traffic a thing of the past.

The special software and unique noise suppression enable crystal-clear communication - even in stormy winds.

The headsets are dustproof and waterproof. Communication can continue even after involuntarily going overboard.

The DUO system is suitable for two people (skipper and sailor).

With the TRIO system, a third person (plus another sailor, loader, crane operator, mooring line operator on land) can be included in the communication.

Technical data

  • Range up to 1000 m (free field)
  • Bluetooth 3.0
  • automatic volume control
  • compatible with all helmets
  • can be worn on the right or left side of the helmet
  • waterproof and dustproof
  • automatic reconnection after disconnection
  • up to 10 hours of continuous conversation
  • up to 1000 hours standby
  • Smoke cancellation DSP
  • Mobile phone connection via Bluetooth
  • voice dialling
  • Microphone mute

Scope of delivery (2x each for DUO, 3x each for TRIO)

  • NAUTIK TALK modules
  • One-ear headband holder
  • Adhesive holders for helmets
  • Clamp mounts for helmets
  • 230 V mains chargers
  • charging cable
  • Replacement adhesive pads for helmets
  • One quick guide

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    3925-002 NAUTIC TALK SL DUO NAUTIC TALK SL DUO Bluetooth-Freisprechsystem für 2 Nutzer
    Art.Nr.: 3925-002
    description: NAUTIC TALK SL DUO
    net: €276.47

    approx. 5 Workdays

    net: €276.47

    approx. 5 Workdays

    3925-003 NAUTIC TALK SL TRIO NAUTIC TALK SL TRIO Bluetooth-Freisprechsystem für 3 Nutzer
    Art.Nr.: 3925-003
    description: NAUTIC TALK SL TRIO
    net: €360.50

    approx. 5 Workdays

    net: €360.50

    approx. 5 Workdays

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