Hydrostatic release HRU 82-962-0001A for McMURDO EPIRB

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The McMurdo HRU replacement kit (replaces the BreaktHRU kit) is a replacement hydrostatic release unit (HRU) specifically designed for the McMurdo range of EPIRBs. Automatically activates if vessel sinks Works in tandem with a specially designed plastic bolt on the auto-housing which secures the EPIRB to the casing and is cut on HRU activation The HRU should be replaced every 2 years.

The spring activated knife of this unit automatically breaks the locking rod and releases the EPIRB in case of sinking ship in a depth of 1,5 - 4 m.
SOLAS / IMO approved (wheelmark).

Expiry date: 2 years after installation (must be marked in the field when being installed on board).

Comes with release rod (must be replaced when the HRU is replaced!), seals, screw, R-clip with cord.

McMurdo HRU Replacement Kit 82-962-0001A, replaces McMurdo Break t-HRU.
Fits for following EPIRBs:
McMurdo E3 / G4 / E5 / G5 /
Does not fit SMARTFIND E8.
Pains Wessex Precision / Rescue
Graseby Nova RT260M
Newcom NC-270
Nova Marine RT-260M

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    3263-000 McMurdo HRU Kit EPIRB-Wasserdruckauslöser McMURDO BREAKT-HRU
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    net: €134.45

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