ACR PATHFINDER-PRO SART radar transponder

3955*02 ACR PATHFINDER-PRO SART-Radartransponder
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SART (Search And Rescue Transponder) radar transponder with SOLAS permit.
The light unit, with its telescope mast integrated in the wall mount, is practical for the use in life rafts.

Maintenance free, 5 year battery cycle, lithium ion battery without transportation restrictions.
Manual activation, after activation 96 hours standby, transmission periods approx. 12 hours.
Water-proof up to 10m, buoyant, with wall mount and telescope mast (length 120cm). Yellow polycarbonate case.

Confirms to IMO/SOLAS/GMDSS specifications, with wheelmark label.

Measurements height x diameter: 227 x 65mm, weight 440 g.

Radar transponder SART:
A radar transponder SART (Search And Rescue Transponder) is a 9 GHz transmitter/receiver for the incident notification and improvement of localisation in case of an emergency at sea. In case a radar impulse in the 9 GHz X band is received by a nearby ship in case of an emergency at sea, the SART is immediately transmitting a return signal, which is unmistakably marked as a case of loss at sea on the radar screen of another ship. A radar or AIS-SART is compulsory on a ship with the carriage requirements and is also part of the safety requirement on all other ships. Life rafts should also be equipped with a SART.
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    net: €486.55

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