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DAVEY & CO., London, Ltd., established 1885
In February 1885 DAVEY began a venture that ever since evolved into a culture in the manufacture and supply of marine equipment.
DAVEY is passionate about British manufacturing, encompassing traditional skills and values.  Wherever possible DAVEY's products are manufactured in the UK often using very old patterns and processes. Sand cast, machined and polished by hand, each fitting transports a century of experience and history.
The company offers a wide range of products, many of them tried and tested over many decades.
DAVEY & Co - for more than hundred years specialists for all fittings from cast bronze, brass  or galvanized steel.

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1030-000 Schloss für Riemen DAVEY Lock for Oars
This hand polished bronze oarlock can be used to secure a pair of boat oars in the dinghy. Easy to use: The double bracket is inserted into a hole (diameter 16 mm) in the dinghy, a padlock is hooked into the holes (diameter 7 mm) on the...
from €21.90
Art.-Nr.: 1030...
1031*02 Asymmetrische Rudergabel DAVEY Bronze DAVEY Bronze Oarlock 11, 12 or 16 mm
Rowlock (dolle) in classic British "half-moon" shape made of hand-polished cast bronze. Especially beautiful and functional due to the asymmetrical shape. Oar fork and socket are cleanly turned and drilled to fit. The socket tube is 20...
from €77.00
Art.-Nr.: 1031...
1031_03 DAVEY Oarlock Sockets 12 or 16 mm
Very robust oarlock mounts. Hand-polished bronze. These sockets match the bronze oarlocks by British manufacturer DAVEY (DL). Available as inlet or side-fitting. The sockets are appropriately cleanly turned out and bored. Long socket...
from €35.50
Art.-Nr.: 1031...
1031_05 Galvanized captive rowlock from DAVEY
Patent rowlock fitting made by the traditional British manufacturer DAVEY. For mounting on the coamings, with a captive receptacle. Beautifully curved design made from galvanized malleable cast iron.
Art.-Nr.: 1031...
1033_01 Oval bronze opening portlights
Built from solid seawater-resistant cast bronze. All visible parts are hand polished. These opening ports can be screwed in from the inside and come complete with the appropriate outside finishing rings. Break-resistant, strengthened...
from €670.00
Art.-Nr.: 1033...
1033_02 Bronze oval portlight frame
Polished bronze portlight frames, oval design, drilled, without glass.
from €103.90
Art.-Nr.: 1033...
1035*01 Runde Schiffsfenster / Bullauge DAVEY Bronze (CE) Round portlights bronze CE certified
CE-certified portlights (bulls eyes), anufactured from solid seawater-resistant cast bronze. All visible surfaces are hand-polished. The glass is break-resistant and strengthened tempered. These opening ports can be screwed in from the...
from €380.00
Art.-Nr.: 1035...
1036_01 Bronze portlights
CE-certified fixed portlights of medium strenght from the British manufacturer DAVEY. Molded from seawater-resistant bronze and hand-polished. Break-resistant, strengthened glass. Comes complete with the appropriate outside finishing...
from €305.00
Art.-Nr.: 1036...
1039_01 CE certified oval fixed bronze portlight
Manufactured from seawater-resistant cast bronze. All visible surfaces are hand-polished. Resistant strengthened glass. The windows come complete with the appropriate outside finishing rings. These fixed ports look like the opening ports...
from €349.00
Art.-Nr.: 1039...
1042*02 Tüllen DAVEY verzinkt DAVEY Galvanized Oarlock Socket 15 or 16 mm
Flat hot dip galvanized cast iron oarlock plate. For more secure use and with longer oarlocks, two plates should be mounted (on top of and under the gunwale).
from €7.90
Art.-Nr.: 1042...
1042-150 Rudergabel Bronze DL1049 DAVEY Bronze Rowlock 12 mm
Classic rowing fork ("Dolle") made of cast bronze, hand polished. Strong shape, with long shaft. Supplied with flat bronze socket for mounting. For better guidance of the oar fork, it is recommended to install an additional socket on the...
Art.-Nr.: 1042...
1084*01 Hornklampe aus Bronze DAVEY 1084 Bronze pillar cleat DAVEY 1084
Classic small cleat with curved mounting plate and two holes. Made from hand-polished solid cast bronze.
from €24.50
Art.-Nr.: 1084...
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2257*02 Unterlegscheiben aus Bronze Bronze washers
from €0.35
1024*05 Krampenzange und Krampen Crimping pliers
from €54.90
1065*01 Rettungsleine Safety line
from €0.45
2240*01 LOXX Persenningknopf / Schnellverschluss mit federndem Innenleben LOXX fasteners
from €1.65
1024_01 Shock cord
from €1.00
4405_01 Butt hinge
from €2.00
2650*01 Farbsieb Paint strainer
from €0.85
0000-001 TOPLICHT-Ausrüstungskatalog TOPLICHT equipment catalogue
Content 1 piece
4812_01 Fastener
from €18.95
2248_01 Lacing Button
from €0.45
4400_01 Butt hinge brass
from €11.80
2710-300 Teakdecking Systems Decksfugenmasse SIS440 TDS Marine Deck Caulkling Sealant
Content 0.3 Liter (€78.33 * / 1 Liter)
from €23.50
4148_01 BLUE paraffin
from €9.95
4401_02 Piano hinge stainless steel
Content 0.5 m (€14.80 * / 1 m)
from €7.40
2720*01 WEST SYSTEM Epoxy im Set mit Harz und Härter WEST SYSTEM set with resin and hardener
Content 1.2 kg (€56.58 * / 1 kg)
from €67.90
1932*01 Fäkalien-Spiralschlauch Waste hose
from €6.40
4025*01 Fingerschnäpper aus Messing Elbow catch
from €4.95
4132*01 Docht Lamp wicks
from €5.70
1024*02 Kunststoffhaken Plastic hook
from €0.70
2249_01 Lacing Button
from €3.19
1922_03 T-bolt clamp
from €5.90
Dichtbaumwolle zum Kalfatern, links: Typ GB, rechts: Typ DE Caulking cotton
from €5.40
2207*01 TESA Fugenboden-Abdeckband TESA seam covering tape
Content 50 m (€0.10 * / 1 m)
from €4.85
2737*05 WEST SYSTEM Mixstäbe WEST SYSTEM mixing bars
Content 1 piece
from €1.65
1311*01 Schnur aus Naturhanf Natural hemp yarn
Content 200 g (€6.15 * / 100 g)
from €12.30
1530*01 Edelstahl-Schäkel gerade 'D' shackle
from €2.20
4749_01 Magnesium Anode
from €26.65
1593_01 Clevis pin
from €1.90
2501_01 OWATROL MARINE D1 penetrating oil
Content 1 Liter
from €28.90
4013*08 Reibbleche Latch plate
from €2.95
2686_01 LE TONKINOIS clear oil varnish
Content 0.25 Liter (€63.80 * / 1 Liter)
from €15.95
2621*02 COELAN Bootsbeschichtung transparent glänzend COELAN Boat Coating transparent gloss finish
Content 0.75 Liter (€97.20 * / 1 Liter)
from €72.90