POB-NET Rescue system

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Lightweight rescue and recovery system made of a self expandible tubelike net with small packing dimensions for uncomplicated use.

Objects that have fallen overboard can be retrieved and secured just as quickly and easily with the rescue net as the ship's dog or a (fainted) person in the water, because their support is not required. The POB net is packed like a throw tent in a round fabric bag (with printed step-by-step instructions in pictures) and can thus be stowed easily.

Before use, the bag is secured to the railing with a carabiner. The net is taken out folded and pops up to full size when thrown into the water. Vertically, the rescue net is "slipped" over the person in the water like a fish trap.

When the net completely encloses the person vertically, it is brought into a horizontal position by pulling on the recovery line. The person to be rescued is thus enclosed similar to a hammock. By hooking the salvage line to the railing (with a carabiner), the net is prevented from drifting off the ship.

Persons weighing up to 120 kg can be hoisted onto the deck (with the help of a recovery device or a halyard) in the net. The gentle horizontal position is maintained.

After use, the maintenance-free rescue net is simply rinsed with fresh water and packed dry back into the bag.

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    net: €284.87

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