Battery box POWER-CENTER

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A practical power supply unit for small systems with removable battery.
With top handle and fastening strap.
The unit has an integrated power indicator, which displays the current charge status.
Larger loads are connected by bownut terminals (positive terminal M10, negative M8) from the outside, protected by 30 A fuse.
In addition appliances, such as a searchlight, fish finder or charger, can be attached to a lighter sockets, protected by a 10 A fuse, without opening the box.

For battery with maximum measurements: length 325 mm, width 175 mm, height 190 mm.
Comes without battery.
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    Article-No. Inside dimensions (mm) Outer dimensions (mm) Outer with cap (mm) Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    4219-100 325x175x190 380x220x208 425x250x320 Batteriekasten POWER-CENTER Abm=425x250x320mm
    Art.Nr.: 4219-100
    inside dimensions (mm): 325x175x190
    outer with cap (mm): 425x250x320
    outer dimensions (mm): 380x220x208
    net: €67.14

    In stock.

    net: €67.14

    In stock.

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