STERLING ProBatt IP68 waterproof B2B charger

4391*06 STERLING BBW IP68 Batterie-Batterie(B2B) Ladegerät
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Waterproof IP68 battery-to-battery charger . Fulla adjustable to different battery type and other functions.
Encapsulated electronics, fully waterproof thermostatically controlled fan for smaller footprint.
The B2B (Battery to Battery) charger is used if an extra auxillary battery (for example, for the bow thruster) needs to be charged onboard.
The connection is made directly between the primary and ancillary batteries (battery to battery).

Unit function:
If the charge of the primary battery is over 13 V, the auxillary battery is automatically charged with high current. When the load on the primary battery sinks, the charging is automatically broken off. Thus the primary battery is reliably protected against discharge.
The charging always follows a highly effective IUoUoU (5-step) process that is temperature controlled.

Temperature sensor is included.
An optional remote control BBRCN with additional control features is available (please check "Suitable items").

- Water and dust proof according to IP68
- Easy installation
- Fully isolated battery banks
- Automatic battery size recognition
- Fully automatic compensation charge calculation
- Charge characteristics temperature-regulated (sensor included)
- Low voltage warning
- Gold-plated output terminal.

The charger can be calibrated for these battery types: open or sealed lead acid, AGM 1 and 2, Gel (EURO and USA), Calcium,, Lithium (LiFePo4).
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    Article-No. Model Input (V) Voltage out (V) Charge (A) L (mm) W (B) (mm) H (mm) Weight (kg) Remote Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    4391-403 BBW12120 12 12 120 170 130 125 3 BBRCN B2B 12V->12V/120A waterproof BBW12120 Ladegerät
    Art.Nr.: 4391-403
    W (B) (mm): 130
    L (mm): 170
    H (mm): 125
    weight (kg): 3
    input (V): 12
    voltage out (V): 12
    model: BBW12120
    remote: BBRCN
    charge (A): 120
    net: €553.78

    On request.

    net: €553.78

    On request.