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4213*01 Batterie-Hauptschalter Circuit breaker
Plastic keys, detachable when in the off position. Contacts and M10 screw terminals of copper. Capacity 12V: 500A (10 sec).
Art.-Nr.: 4213...
4213*02 Schlüssel für Batterie-Hauptschalter Spare key for circuit breaker
Plastic key for circuit breaker.
Art.-Nr.: 4213...
4213*03 Batterie-Hauptschalter ROCA Circuit breaker ROCA
ROCA plastic key, detachable when in the off position. Contacts and M10 screw terminals of copper. Capacity 12V: 100A (10 sec).
Art.-Nr.: 4213...
4213*04 Schlüssel für Batterie-Hauptschalter ROCA Spare key for circuit breaker ROCA
Plastic key for circuit breaker ROCA.
Art.-Nr.: 4213...
4213_05 Battery switch BEP-MARINE CONTOUR
Type 8540. New development, made of plastic with red switching knob (can be removed). Maximum peak load 1000A (for a max. of 5 sec.). Multiple switches can be combined, installation or construction are possible.
from €35.50
Art.-Nr.: 4213...
4213_06 Main switch HELLA
The well known on/off switch, type 1559. Very stable switch for high loads (maximum peak loads 5000A for 10 seconds). Key and mounting plate of steel, housing of plastic. The key can be removed when in the off position.
Art.-Nr.: 4213...
4213*07 Schlüssel für Batterie-Hauptschalter HELLA Spare key for main switch HELLA
Steel key for main switch HELLA.
Art.-Nr.: 4213...
4220*01 Batterie-Haupt-/Umschalter Battery selector switch
On/off or selector switch with 4 stations for the optional interconnection of two batteries. Through overlapping contacts and safety interlocks, it can also be used for load switching. Cord entrance from below. Dimensions: 135 x 135 x 73...
Art.-Nr.: 4220...
Battery circuit breaker Battery circuit breaker
Battery master switch for 12/48V. Plastic housing, available in two different designs: Main switch ON-OF or Batterie switch BATTERY 1 - BATTERY 2, BATTERY ON-OF. The switches can be build-up or -in (hole diameter = 52 mm). Capacity: 250A...
from €23.90
Art.-Nr.: 4668...