Shore Power Cable PUR CEE 230 Volt

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In order to establish a good shore power connection, you need a reliable power cable. It has to be able to withstand unfavourable conditions in harbours and marinas and and be easy to lay and wind. With regard to safety, good visibility is another requirement.

The 230 volt shore power cord and extension cable is suitable to heavy duty applications. It has a length of 25 metres and is made of flexible, yellow PUR cable of H07RN-F cable type. This cable material is robust and resistant to oil, grease, petrol, water and UV rays.

CEE plug and CEE socket with hinged cover are molded to the cable. Load capacity: 16 ampere.

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    Article-No. Length (m) Cable Type Fibre (mm²) Cable-Ø (mm) Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    4671-125 25 H07BQ-F 3 x 2,5 11 CEE/PU-Landstromkabel gelb 25m/3-polig/16A H07BQ-F
    Art.Nr.: 4671-125
    length (m): 25
    Cable-Ø (mm): 11
    Fibre (mm²): 3 x 2,5
    Cable Type: H07BQ-F
    net: €133.61

    On request.

    net: €133.61

    On request.

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