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4360_02 Push button with rubber top
High end implementation with black or red rubber top made from chromed brass. Impermeable to splash-water, IP55. Plug connections: 6,3 mm.
Art.-Nr.: 4360...
4360_03 Push button
Brass design with elongated body, chromed or rubber knob (impermeable to splash-water), screwed connections.
from €14.50
Art.-Nr.: 4360...
4360_04 Long shaft push button with rubber cap
Durable model with screw connections for higher loads with long chromed brass body and rubber cap. Impermeable to splash-water IP55. Available with red or black cap.
Art.-Nr.: 4360...
4367_01 Push pull switch in chromed brass
Pull switch with screw connections, brass with chromed knob.
Art.-Nr.: 4367...
4579_03 CASTELCO switch
Quality English switch CASTELCO (max. 2 A/250 V for soldering on). The square wall plate of white bakelite hides the round mounting base (D = 54 mm). In a style that matches cabin light BANDALASTA. The chromed switch has a small on/off...
Art.-Nr.: 4579...
4583_01 Wall switch
Brass wall switch. The black rocker switch is "snapped" into the round brass wall mounting assembly. High quality switch from the german manufacturer MARQUARDT . Switching capacity 250V / 6A.
Art.-Nr.: 4583...
4223_05 Switch with wall plate DAVEY
Solid brass panels with switches, available in 1, 2, 3 or 4 switch configurations. The panel is 2mm thick either with a polished brass finish or chrome plated. Traditionally styled toggle switches, single pole with flap sockets 6,3 mm....
from €27.90
Art.-Nr.: 4223...
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