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The SEASTAR SOLUTIONS CLASSIC controll MT3-S for one single engine is a sturdy, classic single-lever control.
It controls gearbox and throttle with one handle. Handle and housing are of chromed aluminum, the inner pieces of stainless steel.


  • settings for neutral, forward and reverse,
  • adjustable friction,
  • warm-up function through pulling the handle outc,
  • the handle's neutral position can be adjusted to 30°
  • built-in microswitch as starter
  • adjustable handle travel up to 80 mm,
  • cable stroke can be set to PULL or PUSH inidividually.
    Material: Handle and housing of chromed aluminum, inner pieces of stainless steel.

The control is manufactured by SEASTAR SOLUTIONS (formerly TELEFLEX / MORSE ).

Comes complete with attachment pieces for Type 33 control cables.

Also available for twin engines as MT3-TWIN.

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    Article-No. Model L (mm) W (B) (mm) H (mm) H1 (mm) H2 (mm) Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    4200-030 MT3-S 157 91 102 203 219 MT-3 Pultschaltung CLASSIC von TELEFLEX/MORSE
    Art.Nr.: 4200-030
    L (mm): 157
    W (B) (mm): 91
    H (mm): 102
    model: MT3-S
    H2 (mm): 219
    H1 (mm): 203
    net: €226.05

    In stock.

    net: €226.05

    In stock.