Engine control KOBELT 2002-LS

4206*02 KOBELT 2002 2-Hebel Pultschaltung Bronze
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Inexpensive, robust two-handled gearshift assembly for controlling engine speed and gears. For workboats and traditional ships.
Made entirely of bronze and stainless steel, rolled finish, unpolished.

Open, very simple construction and no bells and whistles. The neutral setting stop allows shifting only at idle speed.

With two gearshifts of this type and short shift cables, a simple double station assembly can be installed.
Short lever (129mm) left for rpm, long lever (151mm) right for shifting.

Control comes complete with cabel connection kits for 33 cable with threads No. 10-32 UNF. Kits for 43 cable with threads 10-28 UNF are also available.

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    Article-No. Description Version Lever Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    4206-501 2002-LS bronze matt 2 Knob Levers KOBELT 2002-LS/2-Hebel/Bronze/Pultschaltung
    Art.Nr.: 4206-501
    lever: 2 Knob Levers
    description: 2002-LS
    version: bronze matt
    net: €293.28

    In stock.

    net: €293.28

    In stock.