Twin lever control f. single engine KOBELT 2015

4206*03 Zweihebel-Pultschaltung f. 1 Maschine KOBELT 2015
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Classic, functional twin handle engine control for one engine:
Two handles with friction, no detent. This allows to control also other mechanical installations with this control head.
T-bar handles.
Body and handle of bronze, chromed finish.
The shift runs are adjustable (max. 75 mm).

In combination with another twin handle control (e.g. KOBELT 2009) a simple two station solution can be installed, with the handles moving synchronized together. Only two extra control cables must be installed to the second steering station.

Controls come complete with cable connection kits for 33 cable with threads No. 10-32 UNF. Kits for 43 cable with threads 10-28 UNF are also available on request.

KOBELT controls: top quality designs for professional mariners, tested and used worldwide for decades.
They function perfectly and are beautiful. KOBELT controls set the standard.
All pieces are made of bronze in a die casting process developed by KOBELT in the same factory. The axes and
links are stainless steel, all visible surfaces are carefully polished or chromed.
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    4206-415 2 t-lever chrome plated KOBELT 2015-CK/2-T-Hebel/fric/Chrom/Pultschaltung
    Art.Nr.: 4206-415
    surface: chrome plated
    version: 2 t-lever
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    net: €452.94

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