Single lever control, single engine KOBELT 2054

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Shifting system, Type 2054: Classic beautiful shifter - an ornament for any helm.
Polished bronze.
Single-handle functionality for boats with a single engine. There is a separate
handle, which can only be used in neutral and locks the shifter, for warming the engine (without putting it into gear).
The shift runs are adjustable: gear to 75 mm and throttle to 50 mm.
The double handle has an ergonomic grip of anthracite-colored plastic. The scales on both sides with red/green
and gear labels can be lit.
Handles are available in two lengths: 171 mm (Type PP) or 216 mm (Type LL).

Controls come complete with cable connection kits for 33 cable with threads No. 10-32 UNF. Kits for 43 cable with threads 10-28 UNF are also available.

Optional accessories: Neutral safety switch.

KOBELT controls: top quality designs for professional mariners, tested and used worldwide for decades.
They function perfectly and are beautiful. KOBELT controls set the standard.
All pieces are made of bronze in a die casting process developed by KOBALT in the same factory. The axes and
links are stainless steel, all visible surfaces are carefully polished or chromed.

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    Article-No. Description Surface Version Lever Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    4209-542 2054-LNN Bronze polished long lever 216mm KOBELT 2054-LNN Hebel=216mm Bronze-Pultschaltung beleuchtet
    Art.Nr.: 4209-542
    surface: Bronze polished
    version: long lever
    description: 2054-LNN
    lever: 216mm
    net: €1,252.10

    On request.

    net: €1,252.10

    On request.

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