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Foresti & Suardi is a northern Italian manufacturer of lamps, interior fittings and other brass castings. The third generation family company based in Predore on Lake Iseo was founded in 1961 as a supplier to the RIVA shipyard and has steadily expanded its range over time. A close cooperation with TOPLICHT started in 1990.

The brass parts are manufactured using the proven brass casting process. The raw material in form of brass bars is melted down and the liquid brass is poured into a prepared mold. When it cools, the brass hardens and the casting is removed from the mold and processed further. Cutting, punching, drilling, polishing, turning, folding or assembling: many of these work steps are still carried out manually today. Brass scraps are melted down again and reused.

Since 2019 Foresti & Suardi has been officially allowed to use the "Made in Italy" certificate, issued by the Institute for Italian manufacturers’ protection. In particular, the production processes must be planned and carried out entirely in Italy. Products must be made from natural and high-quality materials and based on typical craftsmanship. Finally, labor rights, safety and hygiene must be respected. A think tank for new, innovative products has gradually emerged from a small foundry.

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1019_01 Brass oarlocks FORESTI
Cast brass oarlock. Small design, beautifully curved, light angular form. Polished or chromed brass. Socket sold separately. FORESTI & SUARDI Coming from a crafts business, established in 1961, the north Italian brass foundry FORESTI...
Art.-Nr.: 1019...
1019_09 Rowlock for rubber boats FORESTI
Brass rudder mount for inflatable boats. The oars will be screwed to the rounded base plate. The shaft (diameter 12 mm) is inserted into the grommet on the dinghy, a groove on the lower end of the shaft prevents the rudder from slipping...
Art.-Nr.: 1019...
1177_15 Key chain with miniature sailing boat FORESTI
Small key chain with miniature sailing boat motive, made of brass. FORESTI & SUARDI Coming from a crafts business, established in 1961, the north Italian brass foundry FORESTI &SUARDI Has become a modern industrial company that hasn't...
Art.-Nr.: 1177...
1429_02 Brass mooring bollard polished or chromed
Brass bollard cleat, polished or chromed finish. With flat, round mounting plate. A central M12 countersunk hole has been drilled for mounting. Mounting-plate diameter 65 mm, weight 360 g.
from €29.50
Art.-Nr.: 1429...
1740_03 Brass portlight frames FORESTI
Polished brass porthole frames. With round, narrow design and drilled holes. FORESTI & SUARDI Coming from a crafts business, established in 1961, the north Italian brass foundry FORESTI &SUARDI Has become a modern industrial company that...
from €19.90
Art.-Nr.: 1740...
1763_01 Lowerable cleat stainless steel
Strong retractable cleat, made from polished A4 stainless steel (AISI 316). Thin attractive cleat, which when closed has an elegant streamlined appearance. Mounted with M10 bolts. The cleat is only watertight, after the appropriate...
from €43.90
Art.-Nr.: 1763...
3242_01 Navigation lights FORESTI
Small attractive position lamps in brass housings with polycarbonate lenses. Surface is polished brass or chrome plated. Spare lenses available by request. Comes complete with 12 V / 5 W festoon bulbs and a cord. The masthead light...
from €59.00
Art.-Nr.: 3242...
3243_01 Navigation lights heavy FORESTI
Heavy brass lamps, polished or chromed finish. With prismatic lenses. Easy bulb replacement, because they are accessible from the front. Fields of application: In Germany, only approved for waters that are not subject to COLREG, Rhine-...
from €19.00
Art.-Nr.: 3243...
3244_01 Navigation lights wall mounted FORESTI
Small navigation lights for mounting on the hull, without backside. Side lights starboard or port, 112,5°. Brass body, polished or chromed finish. Comes with bulb, socket Ba9s, 4W, 12V. Weight, 250 g. Spare lenses are available. Not BSH...
from €49.50
Art.-Nr.: 3244...
3245_03 Spare glass for all-round light FORESTI
Replacement glass for the all-round light (Art-Nr. 3245-...). FORESTI & SUARDI Lights. Coming from a crafts business, established in 1961, the north Italian brass foundry FORESTI &SUARDI Has become a modern industrial company that hasn't...
Art.-Nr.: 3245...
4069_01 Push button latch
Complete door latch with metal knob. Made up of a plastic lock box, a nicely turned knob, and a solid brass collar. Surface finish of knob and collar: Polished brass or chrome plated. Latch works through pushing the knob. When the door...
from €11.70
Art.-Nr.: 4069...
4069_02 Latch mechanism white plastic
Cam box and striking plate, made of white plastic. The locks come with or without spring-loaded plastic snappers. The snappers hold the door closed without the need for a latch, but allow opening with a simple pull. The latch is used...
from €5.90
Art.-Nr.: 4069...
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0000_01 TOPLICHT-Ausrüstungskatalog
Content 1 piece
2248_01 Lacing Button
from €0.34
2719_01 WKT marine silicone type H for horizontal use
Content 0.31 Liter (€86.77 * / 1 Liter)
from €26.90
2257_02 Bronze washers
from €0.23
1065_01 Safety line
from €0.27
4401_02 Piano hinge stainless steel
Content 0.5 m (€13.20 * / 1 m)
from €6.60
4405_01 Butt hinge
from €2.00
2609_01 Foam brush
from €1.30
4805_01 Brass cup hook
from €2.70
1024_01 Shock cord
from €0.80
2050_01 EPIFANES clear varnish
Content 0.25 Liter (€54.00 * / 1 Liter)
from €13.50
4025_01 Elbow catch
from €3.95
2200_01 Corund
from €0.80
2711_01 SIKAFLEX 291 adhesive sealant
Content 0.07 Liter (€121.43 * / 1 Liter)
from €8.50
4419_01 Brass butt hinge
from €13.50
2602_01 Brush
from €1.40
4132_01 Lamp wicks
from €4.90
1530_01 'D' shackle
from €1.80
4148_01 BLUE paraffin
from €8.95
4298_02 Pipe clip nylon
from €0.45
2059_23 EPIFANES Paint stirrer
Content 1 piece
from €0.50
1261_02 Chafe guard
from €3.68
2296_01 Copper roves
Content 0.5 kg (€89.00 * / 1 kg)
2621_02 COELAN Boat Coating transparent gloss finish
Content 0.38 Liter (€76.05 * / 1 Liter)
from €28.90
2294_01 Copper boatnails / rivets
Content 1 kg
4894_01 Towel hook
from €2.45
2207_01 TESA seam covering tape
Content 50 m (€0.08 * / 1 m)
from €4.10
2720_01 WEST SYSTEM set with resin and hardener
Content 1.2 kg (€49.08 * / 1 kg)
from €58.90
4015_01 Barrel bolt
from €8.09
2059_03 EPIFANES thinner
Content 0.5 Liter (€23.80 * / 1 Liter)
from €11.90

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