How to find us

Lageplan Notkestrasse

Here in Hamburg a traditional shipchandler is awaiting your visit. With a real counter and with dedicated salespeople, keen to listen to your questions.

With all our items on display, to be touched and tested.

With a spacious showroom and a reading corner. With our warehouse in the background. And with this lovely smell of tar which is quite simply part of a good shipchandler.

Come along and try: How is the touch of that bronze cleat? How is the grip of this rope? How does that lamp shine? Is this fog horn loud enough?


You'll find us in Hamburg-Bahrenfeld, only a few minutes away from motorway exit "Bahrenfeld".

Our building is situated between the DESY and the police station Notkestrasse. There is enough parking space for customers. Of course you can also place your bicycle.

For users of public transport the bus stop "DESY / Zum Hünengrab" is the best option, it's just in front of the door.

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