Navigation light control gaff rigged cutter

3349*01 Positionslampen Überwachung Traditionsschiff
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With the electronic position light monitoring - an exclusive TOPLICHT design for traditional ships - the failure of a bulb or LED in a navigation light or a wiring break is shown.
Up to 5 lights can be monitored (starboard / port, steaming, stern, anchor light).
The failure of a light is sent over the electronics, and the matching LED on the
display goes off. Additionally, an alarm LED is lit and an acoustic signal rung, which may be acknowledged by pushing a key.
Intended for 12 V or 24 V systems, maximum power per signal 3 A.
The electronic connection can be mounted separatly.
Measurements of the display: (B x H) 110 x 145 mm,
measurements of the electronics:(B x H x T) 90 x 125 x 35 mm.

Existing lighting systems can easily be upgraded with this alert panel.
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    3349-012 KLASSIKER Positionslampen-Überwachung KLASSIKER 12/24V
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    net: €166.39

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