LED light bulb unit for AQUA SIGNAL deck lights

3302*05 LED-Lichteinsatz für AQUA SIGNAL Deckstrahler
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The LED light bulb unit for the AQUA SIGNAL deck and spreader lights HAMBURG, KIEL and LÜBECK is available also as retrofit kit for older spots:
multi-voltage capability with only 5 W power drain, the aluminium body is completely sealed.
The replacement is easily accomplished.
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    Article-No. Description Model Voltage (V) Power (W) Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    3302-101 replaces PAR 36 83134213 10-30 5 LED-Ersatz-Lichteinheit für Deckstrahler AQUA-SIGNAL
    Art.Nr.: 3302-101
    description: replaces PAR 36
    power (W): 5
    model: 83134213
    voltage (V): 10-30
    net: €139.50

    In stock.

    net: €139.50

    In stock.