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4086_01 Window lifter pairwise
Brass hatch arm, with bar and rounded locking screw. The rod has 3 notches for better fixing. They come in pairs.
from €53.90
Art.-Nr.: 4086...
4087_01 Window lifter DAVEY
Polished brass with wing nut. Can be used right or left.
Art.-Nr.: 4087...
4088_01 Hatch holder stainless steel
For skylights, locker seat and hatches: a strong stainless steel spring keeps the cover automatically open after lifting. A light squeeze sidewise is sufficient for closing. The large spring is equipped with black plastic mounts with...
from €12.50
Art.-Nr.: 4088...
4089_01 Slide stay
Brass port opener. Polished or chromed finish. Functionality: The port opener works like a friction damper; when a strong union nut is adjusted, the telescoping arm can be set and stopped at any height by friction. Available in different...
from €58.50
Art.-Nr.: 4089...
4091_01 Window & hatch fastener
With offset turning handle. Brass, with a polished, chromed or matte-chromed finish. Comes in right or left designs, complete with striking plate (70 x 22 mm). Base plate size 65 x 21 mm, lever length 95 mm.
from €35.90
Art.-Nr.: 4091...
4092_01 Hatch & skylight fastener
Made of brass. Surface polished, chromed or matt chromed. With knurled screws and forked backing plate.
from €31.00
Art.-Nr.: 4092...
4092_02 Window fastener
An attractive heavy-duty fitting. Polished or chromed cast brass.
from €44.80
Art.-Nr.: 4092...
4093_01 Hatch & skylight fastener
Rolled or chromed brass. The lock rod is spring-loaded and when released stays upright on the plate. Thus the window can be opened and closed unhindered.
from €32.90
Art.-Nr.: 4093...
4093_02 Hatch and skylight fastener DAVEY
Hatch fastener for windows and small skylights, neatly crafted with a robust milled screw. Made from hand polished brass. The locking rod will be secured in the relevant position with a spring.
Art.-Nr.: 4093...
4095_01 Window stay brass
Polished brass opener. The bar with holes is riveted with two joints. Comes with two backing plates with pins. Useful accessory: A lockable safety pin that allows unsupervised ventilation.
from €79.00
Art.-Nr.: 4095...
4095_05 brass safety bolt with key for window stay
This lockable safety pin enables the unattended venting. Suitable for our window stay with article no. 4095-... Made of polished or chromed brass.
from €6.90
Art.-Nr.: 4095...
4096*01 Fensteraufsteller DAVEY Skylight lifter DAVEY
Strong hatch lifter with tommy screw for securing. The slightly bent bar has grit to engage the t-screw. Polished brass design.
from €172.00
Art.-Nr.: 4096...
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