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4096_02 Holding down bolt
Small two-part latch with secured wing nut and backing plate. Polished or chrome plated brass.
from €11.20
Art.-Nr.: 4096...
4096_03 Holding Down Bolt brass DAVEY
Strong and shapely two-part latch with wing nut and backing plate for hatches and windows made from bronze.
from €48.00
Art.-Nr.: 4096...
4490_01 Skylight stay HARLINGEN
Functional jackscrew stay for medium heavy skylights: by turning the handle a counter rotating jackscrew is extended; it gives good opening heights in spite of the short construction length. The fittings can be separated from the...
from €114.00
Art.-Nr.: 4490...
4491*01 Lukenverschluss mit Rändelschraube Hatch latch from stainless steel
This hatch latch is screwed to the hatch from the inside and acts as a threaded fastener with the knurled head screw - the hatch can be pulled to the frame in a regulated fashion. Dimensions: Spindle M8 Spindle length 60 mm Shipping with...
from €14.90
Art.-Nr.: 4491...
4815_01 Gas pressure spring
Telescopic gas pressure spring to open, close, lift, lower, dampen or adjust the opening of hatches, skylights, portholes, covers or windows. Cylinder bore diameter 18mm, piston rod 8mm.
from €9.90
Art.-Nr.: 4815...
4851_01 Brass porthole holder
Polished brass porthole hanger. Fixes the open portlight or the cover. Base plate and holding bar must be ordered separately. Base plate 45 x 25 mm. Comes without portlight.
from €16.50
Art.-Nr.: 4851...
4852_01 Bull´s eye and portlight chain
Hanging chain for ports and blinds. Weight: 80 g. Available in brass or chromed brass.
from €25.90
Art.-Nr.: 4852...
4079_03 Window lifter
Heavy port lifter of high-gloss polished brass. The adjustment rod has five notches so that even heavy ports can be fixed. Comes with a strong locking screw.
Art.-Nr.: 4079...
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