Bronze bull's eye SPARTAN

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High quality port of cast marine bronze.
Tumbled matt finish.
Classic rectangular shape.
Opens. Locks with a strong bronze turning nuts.
The ports are intended to be installed from the inside.
Frame and outer ring are pre-drilled with countersunk holes D = 5 mm.
Comes complete with matching outer ring.
The large depth of the port allows installation in all-wood cabintops.

The neoprene - soft rubber gasket - around the rim ensures a perfect seal.
The hardened safety glass is sealed to the frame with silicone.

Excellent detail: Drainage channels are built into the frame. Thus even when the ports are open, no saltwater can get in.

All ports come complete with removeable bronze-coloured-plasic screens.

Replacement parts for these quality ports, including seals, screws and bronze turning nuts, available.

Made by the American traditional manufacturer SPARTAN.
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    Article-No. D1 (mm) D2 (mm) D3 (mm) S (mm) Glass (mm) Weight (g) Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    1380-579 285x105 300x130 355x180 42 6 6500 Bz-Schiffsfenster rechteckig Glas=285x105mm SPP579
    Art.Nr.: 1380-579
    glass (mm): 6
    weight (g): 6500
    S (mm): 42
    D3 (mm): 355x180
    D2 (mm): 300x130
    D1 (mm): 285x105
    net: €638.66

    In stock.

    net: €638.66

    In stock.

    1380-580 440x130 450x150 510x205 42 6 8400 Bz-Schiffsfenster rechteckig Glas=440x130mm SPP580
    Art.Nr.: 1380-580
    D3 (mm): 510x205
    D2 (mm): 450x150
    D1 (mm): 440x130
    glass (mm): 6
    weight (g): 8400
    S (mm): 42
    net: €793.28

    In stock.

    net: €793.28

    In stock.

    1380-585 345x170 370x195 425x245 45 10 9100 Bz-Schiffsfenster rechteckig Glas=345x170mm SPP585
    Art.Nr.: 1380-585
    S (mm): 45
    weight (g): 9100
    glass (mm): 10
    D3 (mm): 425x245
    D2 (mm): 370x195
    D1 (mm): 345x170
    net: €791.60

    In stock.

    net: €791.60

    In stock.

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