Bronze bull´s eye SPARTAN

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High quality port of cast marine bronze.
Tumbled matte finish.
Clasic oval shape.
Opens. Locks with strong bronze turning nuts.
The ports are intended to be installed from the inside,
frame and outer ring are pre-drilled with countersunk holes D = 5 mm.
Comes complete with matching outer ring.
The large depth of the port allows installation in all-wood cabintops.

The neoprene (soft rubber gasket) around the rim ensures a perfect seal.
The hardened safety glass is sealed to the frame with silicone.

Excpetional construction detail of this SPARTAN port: Drainage channels are built into the frame. Thus, when the ports get opened, no (salt-)water can get in.

All ports come complete with removeable bronze-coloured-plasic mosquito screens.

Replacement parts for these quality ports, including seals, screws and bronze turning nuts, available.

Matching are the oval fixed ports.

Made by the American traditional manufacturer SPARTAN.
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