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A large, classic single-gear winch for boats up to 13 m long with handle underneath.
With a practical cleat on top (for use as a self-tailing winch).
Comes complete with handle.

MURRAY Winches: Proven for decades, Murray halyard and sheet winches of
high-strength polished manganese-bronze stand out for:

- Simple and therefore exceptionally robust construction of cast bronze;
- Handle inserted underneath (with lock);
- Cleat on top of the winch;
- Reverable turning direction by flipping the pawls;
- Simple maintenance;
- Always comes with a crank or a winch handle!

Famous circumnavigators Eric Hiscock and Lin and Larry Pardey value the unusual
characteristics of these winches: The handle insertion below the winch keeps it
from being lost. The cleat on the top allows a sheet or halyard to be made fast
directly to the winch.
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    Article-No. Model Power ratio W (B) (mm) D (mm) H (mm) Weight (kg) Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    1980-006 6C 9 : 1 175 108 140 7,40 Bz-Schotwinde No.6C MURRAY Bronze
    Art.Nr.: 1980-006
    H (mm): 140
    W (B) (mm): 175
    weight (kg): 7,40
    D (mm): 108
    power ratio: 9 : 1
    model: 6C
    net: €1,293.28

    In stock.

    net: €1,293.28

    In stock.

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