Bronze outboard motor mount SPARTAN

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This heavy-duty mount for outboard motors up to approx. 6 hp is ideal for classic yachts where the appearance should not be disturbed by the outboard motor. The motor and the bracket can be removed and stowed away in one easy step. Firmly bolted to the aft deck is only the inconspicious bronze deck fitting. When the motor is to be used, the bracket is simply hooked into the deck fitting - and that's it.

Scope of delivery: motor mount and deck fitting made of sturdy cast bronze, the surface is tumbled matt, with varnished hardwood motor plate.

A replacement deck fitting is available.

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    Article-No. Description Model Weight (kg) Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    1380-127 Outboard bracket SP-B127 8,19 Bz-Außenborderhalterung max.10PS Bronze B127
    Art.Nr.: 1380-127
    description: Outboard bracket
    model: SP-B127
    weight (kg): 8,19
    net: €831.93

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    net: €831.93

    In stock.

    only left: 3
    1380-563 Spare deck fitting SP-P563 0,80 Bz-Grundplatte Außenborderhalterung SP-P563
    Art.Nr.: 1380-563
    weight (kg): 0,80
    model: SP-P563
    description: Spare deck fitting
    net: €157.14

    In stock.

    only left: 6
    net: €157.14

    In stock.

    only left: 6
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