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Pumps, horns and whistles from the Italian specialist - MARCO S.p.A from Italy is considered one of the leading manufacturers of professional sound signal systems and pumps for industry and shipping. MARCO was founded in 1970 by Giovanni Marco Franceschini. Exporting worldwide to more than 80 countries, the Lombardy-based company manufactures according to international standards (EU approval, IMO Class IV by RINA, Lloyd's Register, Bureau Veritas, MCA and NMMA). Research and development play a major role at MARCO and enable innovative new products - e.g. intelligent pumps with electronically controlled flow rate.

At Toplicht you will find a wide range of products from the company's marine segment.

In the section of marine horns and signalling systems, our assortment of MARCO products includes items such as electronic or compressed-air operated signal horns, electro-pneumatic compressed-air horns, compressor horns, trumpets and loudspeakers.

The range of MARCO pumps is tailored for boating and commercial shipping applications. TOPLICHT offers accumulator tanks for pressure-water-systems, electronic pressure-controlled water pumps, impeller pumps, bronze gear pumps, stationary and mobile transfer pumps for oil or diesel, water transfer pumps, deck washing pumps for fresh or wastewater and submersible bilge pumps.

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1320*02 Impellerpumpe MARCO UP1 220 Volt MARCO UP1AC Impeller Pump 220 Volt
Self-priming electric pump for transfer of fresh or salt water with flexible impeller of nitrile rubber which allows the problem-free transit of small particles. Nickel-plated brass body, shaft in stainless steel. AISI 316L. Voltage:...
Art.-Nr.: 1320...
1320*03 Ersatzimpeller für Impellerpume MARCO UP1 Impeller for impellerpump MARCO UP1
Impeller of special nitril rubber. Original spare part for UP1, UP1-M and UP1/AC. Dimensions hight x Ø: 22 x 51.5 mm. Bore Ø: 8 mm.
Art.-Nr.: 1320...
1321_01 Bilge pump MARCO
High-performance bilge pump, available in various sizes for 12V or 24V systems. Discharge head up to 3 m. The snap-off plastic housing can be opened easily for maintenance and cleaning. Low power requirements. Stainless-steel shaft with...
from €37.95
Art.-Nr.: 1321...
1431*01 MARCO ATX Ausgleichstank MARCO ATX Accumulator Tanks
Stainless pressure tanks MARCO ATX. The tanks have an interior rubber diaphragm with preset pressure cushion and a SCHRADER valve to create the pressure. These accumulator tanks generate constant flow to the pressure-water system with...
from €79.90
Art.-Nr.: 1431...
1431*03 MARCO AB Stahl Druckausgleichstank MARCO AT Accumulator Tanks
Pressure tanks MARCO AT, made from steel, white coated. The tanks have an interior rubber diaphragm with preset pressure cushion and a SCHRADER valve to control the pressure. These accumulator tanks generate constant flow to the...
from €59.90
Art.-Nr.: 1431...
1829_02 Automatic bilge pump float switch MARCO
Mechanical bilge pump switch, type MARCO AS2. Mechanical switching with mercury free switch ball. Switch range approx. 30 mm (min. 25 mm, max. 55 mm). Switching capacity 120 VA. For 12 V or 24 V.
Art.-Nr.: 1829...
3401_01 Electromagnetic horn MARCO TCE
Marco TCE electromagnetic horn with reduced dimensions but with high sound output. A robust construction of trumpet - made of white enamel brass - and body - made of stainless steel. Little energy consumption. Available in 12 or 24 Volt....
from €85.90
Art.-Nr.: 3401...
3401_02 Electromagnetic horn MARCO TC1/P
MARCO TC1/P small electropneumatic horn (250 x 100 mm) with high sound output. Comes complete with electric compressor, tubing (120 cm) and mounting kit. Body made of white ABS plastic. Available for 12 or 24 Volt. Works with an acoustic...
Art.-Nr.: 3401...
3402_01 Compressor horn MARCO HURRICANE
MARCO HR1 HURRICANE built-in electropneumatic horn for boats. Complete system with integrated compressor, with immediate sound output when pressing the push button. Suitable for yachts under 12 meters and as secondary system . The...
from €64.90
Art.-Nr.: 3402...
3403_02 Pressure gas han held horn TA1-H MARCO
Compressed-air horn made from plastic. With a very loud approx. 122 dB(A) sound of 400 Hz. Comes with a compressed-aerosole bottle of 200 ml (non-flammable tetrafluoropropene HFO-1234ze, compliant to EU directive No.517 / 2014)....
from €29.95
Art.-Nr.: 3403...
3409*01 Signalhorn Signal horn
Simple horn of chromed brass 12 V, approx. 5 A. Volume 108 dB(A), frequency 410 Hz.
Art.-Nr.: 3409...
3409_02 Signal horn stainless steel MARCO EM2
Unpressurized electric horn with electromagnetic sound generation. Stainless steel horn. Volume 118 dB (A), frequency 370 Hz.
from €87.90
Art.-Nr.: 3409...
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4401_02 Piano hinge stainless steel
Content 0.5 m (€14.80 * / 1 m)
from €7.40
2602*01 Flachpinsel Brush
from €1.40
2650*01 Farbsieb Paint strainer
from €0.85
4405_01 Butt hinge
from €2.00
TOPLICHT Katalog TOPLICHT-Ausrüstungskatalog
Content 1 piece
2059*23 EPIFANES Farbrührstäbe EPIFANES Paint stirrer
Content 1 piece
from €0.50
2257*02 Unterlegscheiben aus Bronze Bronze washers
from €0.35
4148_01 BLUE paraffin
from €9.95
4025*01 Fingerschnäpper aus Messing Elbow catch
from €4.95
2240*01 LOXX Persenningknopf / Schnellverschluss mit federndem Innenleben LOXX fasteners
from €1.65
4401_01 Piano hinge brass
Content 0.5 m (€19.80 * / 1 m)
from €9.90
4013*08 Reibbleche Latch plate
from €2.95
4404_01 Table hinge
from €14.00
4897_01 Ceiling hook
from €13.50
2609_01 Foam brush
from €1.55
2209*01 Schleifpapier AWUKO Rollenware Sanding Paper
from €1.30
1927_01 Nylon Cleat
from €1.60
4013*05 Winkel-Reibblech Messing Latch plates
from €3.90
2050*01 EPIFANES Bootslack klar EPIFANES clear varnish
Content 0.25 Liter (€63.60 * / 1 Liter)
from €15.90
2737*05 WEST SYSTEM Mixstäbe WEST SYSTEM mixing bars
Content 1 piece
from €1.65
2711_01 SIKAFLEX 291 adhesive sealant
Content 0.07 Liter (€135.71 * / 1 Liter)
from €9.50
Dichtbaumwolle zum Kalfatern, links: Typ GB, rechts: Typ DE Caulking cotton
from €5.40
1922_03 T-bolt clamp
from €5.90
4132*01 Docht Lamp wicks
from €5.70
4419_01 Brass butt hinge
from €16.50
4596_01 Brass Ring
from €1.90
2621*02 COELAN Bootsbeschichtung transparent glänzend COELAN Boat Coating transparent gloss finish
Content 0.75 Liter (€97.20 * / 1 Liter)
from €72.90
4812_01 Fastener
from €18.95
1886*01 Langfender, blau Fender, blue
from €7.95
2605*08 Farbwannen Roller pan
from €2.40
1311*01 Schnur aus Naturhanf Natural hemp yarn
Content 200 g (€6.15 * / 100 g)
from €12.30
1886*02 Langfender, schwarz Fender, black
from €7.95
1932*01 Fäkalien-Spiralschlauch Waste hose
from €6.40