9008*01 FIRECREST RUND FÜNEN / Clemens Richter
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In this new edition of his first book from 1989, which has become a classic by now, Clemens Richter narrates a very special summer at sea.
On a clear July morning he sets sail for the shores of the Danish islands in remembrance of his youth.
Here he cruises with different crews - friends from school days and his seafaring times - away from the main yachting centres. Here he lives through some adventures only to realize, that one does not have to go beyond Gibraltar in search for them.

But the reader does not want to be charmed by the islands only.
And along the way the book evolves into a sailing compendium, encouraging the less experienced sailor to stray from the well trodden afternoon tours from one to the other marina, but to search for happiness in the solitude of nature along solitary coasts.
Comparisons between estuaries worldwide were possible for Clemens Richter on FIRECREST (see also: FIRECREST on Atlantic voyage) in later years, but after his successful return the Danish islands lost none of their fascination for Richter.

260 pages, many drawings (some of Richter himself) and a colour chart, paperback.
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