WIR ERTRUNKENEN / Carsten Jensen

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The cult novel from Marstal!

It all begins in 1848, when the sailor Laurids Madsen flies into the sky and returns to earth unharmed - death had not yet wanted him. At some point, Laurids disappears on the world's oceans and his son Albert sets off to the South Seas to look for his father. When he returns, he realises that in the new century, the future lies in the cargo holds of large sailing ships: More ships are to set sail from Marstal. But Albert has not reckoned with the women. They hate the sea, which has taken their husbands and sons from them and continues to do so. One of them starts the fight.

"This novel has made history - an incredible success story!"

Carsten Jensen (born 1952) grew up in Marstal on the Danish island of Æro. He studied literature in Copenhagen and has worked as a journalist and critic ever since. He is regarded as one of Denmark's most distinguished essayists. He began his literary work in the mid-nineties. With "We Drowned" ("V, de druknede"), his third novel, he became an international bestseller. Carsten Jensen was honoured with the Olof Palme Prize in 2009.

Translated from the Danish by Ulrich Sonnenberg.

You will find a reading sample further down on the page under "Downloads & Information".

816 pages, 1 b/w illustration, format 13.5 x 20.6 cm, paperback. German edition.

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