DIE ELB-H-JOLLE Bd.1 / H. A. Graf von Schwerin

9047-001 DIE ELB-H-JOLLE Bd.1 / H. A. Graf von Schwerin
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For more than 80 years, she has been a familiar sight on the Lower Elbe: the 15-square-metre unit Elbjolle, known for short as the Elb-H-Jolle because of her sail mark. This volume describes for the first time the history of this extraordinary boat class, which can be regarded without exaggeration as part of the cultural heritage of its home region.

The personal experiences of the sailors, who have shaped the self-image and reputation of the class over many years, play a special role.

From the contents of this volume:

  • The seafarer's nest at Süllberg
  • The development of dinghy sailing on the Lower Elbe
  • The emergence of the Elb-H dinghy
  • Willy von Hacht and his shipyard
  • War and a new beginning
  • The "golden years
  • The rise of the Schulauer

The book contains a large number of previously unpublished photos and documents from private collections.

The originally planned second volume of this title has not yet been published.

320 pages, 211 illustrations, format 17 x 24 cm, hardcover. German edition.

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