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A splice has a much higher breaking load than a knot. Modern braided ropes must therefore be spliced in order not to unnecessarily reduce their high breaking load at the joints and attachment points. Sheets, halyards and trim lines are always spliced both on noble yachts and on performance-optimised racing boats.

The author shows all the variants that occur in practice:

  • Literature of ropes: constructions, materials, strengths, technical terms.
  • Splicing tools and basic skills: Getting the core out, working with the splicing needle, tapering, re-melting.
  • Splicing single braided ropes without core made of Dyneema and other high modulus fibres: Aug splices, connecting splices, self-locking Brummel splices, loops, cordage shackles, soft shackles, modern lashings.
  • Splicing of double-braided ropes and core-sheath ropes: Aug splices, endless splices
  • High modulus fibre splices with Dyneema, Spectra, Vectran: a. o., tapering, sheathing
  • Data on material and comparative values, dimensioning of sheets and halyards for sailboats and yachts, table of all splice lengths.

The extensively illustrated book is accompanied by a DVD showing the execution of the splicing work and the correct handling of the splicing tools. This makes all splices even easier to learn.

192 pages, 368 photos and illustrations, 22 x 28 cm, softcover with flaps. German edition.

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