Atlas case baltic Serie 1,2,3,4 NV

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This practical case consists of 4 sets of charts for the Baltic Sea. Rügen, Kiel Bight, Fünen and danish east coast to Kattegat.
NV charts has optimized the common A 2 paper chart format by developing a fold-over format, that reduces the physical size of the paper chart set by half - the NV. Atlas.
Of course the NV. Atlas is a Combi Pack that includes digital charts as well as navigation software "nv charts App" for mobile devices, PC and tablets (iOS and Android).

Complete chart sets with the contents of the well known NV Combi packs.

Handy "booklet type" size 42 x 30 cm. Size of the charts: 42 x 60 cm. In the case you find these complete chart sets, covering the area from Kiel to Kattegat and swedish western coast:
- NV-Atlas Serie 1 Fünen / Kiel bight
- NV-Atlas Serie 2 Lübeck bight / Bornholm / Kopenhagen
- NV-Atlas Serie 3 Samsö / Sund / Kattegat
- NV-Atlas Serie 4 Rügen, Bornholm, Szezin
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