DIE ELBE - Reprint von 1932

9025-002 DIE ELBE - Reprint von 1932
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The Elbe Atlas was a popular navigation aid for Elbe sailors for many years.

This reprint of the 1932 edition (from Cuxhaven to Lauenburg) allows a look far back into the past.

Where were the sands 90 years ago?
Which harbours could be approached more easily because siltation was not such a big issue?
How did the buoyage of the river change?

It is exciting to compare the Elbe of today with the state of the river 90 years ago. That's why the reprint has proved so popular as a gift.

DIN A4 format, paperback. German edition.

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    9025-002 DIE ELBE 1932 - Reprint DIE ELBE - Reprint von 1932
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