Corrector C.PLATH

3723*06 Kompensierdose C.PLATH
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Corrector box for MERKUR compasses C.PLATH.

The corrector box for B and C compensation includes externally rotatable magnets and is either attached to the bottom of the compass (type S) or screwed to the bulkhead in the immediate vicinity of the compass (type VZ).

Screws, an adjustment key and an exact bilingual instruction are included.
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    3723-132 compensation box C.Plath MERKUR Kompensierdose für MERKUR-Kompass C.PLATH Hamburg
    Art.Nr.: 3723-132
    description: compensation box
    for: C.Plath MERKUR
    net: €100.00

    In stock.

    net: €100.00

    In stock.