Needle Scaler VON ARX

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Compressed air needle gun made by VON ARX, equipped with 12 needles of 3 mm diameter each. Professional tool for effective substrate preparation of steel constructions. Can also be used on uneven surfaces, corners, edges or weld seams. Fast hammering of the needles makes thick layers of paint, rust or scale flake off. The narrow, handy design of the needle gun also makes it possible to work on hard-to-reach places on board, for example the bilge area.

The needle gun is connected to a compressed air supply and guided against the surface with light pressure so that the needles can work unhindered.

Operating pressure: 6 bar.
Air consumption: 96 l/min.
Connection: 3/8".
Weight: 1,3 kg.

Comes in a black plastic case.

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    Article-No. Length (mm) Ø (mm) Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    2171-012 250 35 Nadelentroster VON ARX Typ 12B 12 Nadeln 3x180mm
    Art.Nr.: 2171-012
    length (mm): 250
    Ø (mm): 35
    net: €360.50

    In stock.

    net: €360.50

    In stock.

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