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2605*02 Farbroller mit Moltopren-Walze Paint roller moltopren
Roller bracket: 450 mm (with a 100 mm roller) or 200 mm (with a 50 mm roller). Paint roller complete with moltopren roller.
from €3.50
Art.-Nr.: 2605...
2605*03 Farbroller mit Mohair-Walze Paint roller mohair
Paint roller complete with mohair roller.
Art.-Nr.: 2605...
2605_04 Spare roller nylon
Spare roller, for paint roller, nylon.
from €1.25
Art.-Nr.: 2605...
2605_05 Spare roller moltopren
Spare roller, for paint roller, moltopren.
from €1.15
Art.-Nr.: 2605...
2605*06 Mohair-Walzen für Farbroller Spare roller mohair
Spare roller, for paint roller, mohair.
from €2.10
Art.-Nr.: 2605...
2605*07 Lackverschlichtungs-Walze für Farbroller Spare roller, moltopren hight surface strength
Spare rolls length 110 mm for standard roller, moltopren rollers with high surface strength, thus no blistering. 2 pieces per pack.
Art.-Nr.: 2605...
2605*08 Farbwannen Roller pan
Roller pan.
from €2.10
Art.-Nr.: 2605...
2609_01 Foam brush
From the USA. For exceptionally smooth surfaces, with wood handle. Recommended use: After the application of paint with brush or roller, the surface can be reworked with the foam brush.
from €1.30
Art.-Nr.: 2609...
2611*01 Ringpinsel Brush
Industrial quality, light china bristles, metal-free plastic frame.
from €1.60
Art.-Nr.: 2611...
2612*01 Flachpinsel High quality brush
Professional quality. Pure, light, strong China bristle brush. 12er size, gold-plate version, dark-painted handle.
from €3.20
Art.-Nr.: 2612...
2613*01 Heizkörperpinsel High quality brush
Professional quality. Pure, light China bristle brush, metal edge, long wood handle.
from €2.50
Art.-Nr.: 2613...
2617*02 Profi-Lackierpinsel Professional quality brush
Bulging flat high-quality brush in best quality. Brush-size 15, finest black China bristle. Red PA plastic welt, firmly agglutinated, sandet wood handle. This brush does not shed.
from €9.90
Art.-Nr.: 2617...
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