4619*03 Druckschalter WHALE
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The WHALE pressure switch is suitable for WHALE Quick Connect systems for installation in fresh water systems between the fitting and the pump.
The pressure switch switches depending on the water pressure. When the pressure drops, the pressure switch starts the pump. When the faucet is closed and pressure is built up, the switch cuts the power to the pump.

With check valve and adjusting screw to control the pressure for switching on and off.
Up to max.10A current at 12 volts and 5A at 24 volts.
Maximum 2 bar water pressure.

WHALE QUICK CONNECT is a practical and very easy to install system for the installation of fresh water systems on board.

It is based on a 15 mm pipe system which is suitable for cold and hot water and is very universal thanks to the large variety of fittings. The simple 2-step click system requires no special tools to make a watertight connection and is therefore perfect for mobile applications.

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    4619-002 WU7207 Quick Connect or 10mm Druckschalter WHALE WU7207 für 13mm Schlauch
    Art.Nr.: 4619-002
    model: WU7207
    for tube-Ø (mm): Quick Connect or 10mm
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    net: €49.58

    In stock.