Bilge water filter (oil strainer) WAVESTREAM

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The MARPOL Convention prohibits the discharge of oily wastewater into the sea. This filter removes the oily substances from the pumped bilge water by a patented filter system, so that the bilge water can be pumped out almost without oil residues and the water pollution is minimized.

The filter is installed behind the bilge pump and in front of the ship's passage. It is suitable for oil residues, large dirt must be removed from the bilge before.

Supplied with a stainless steel wall mounting plate.

Replacement filter cartridges are available, annual replacement is recommended.


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    Article-No. Model Capacity For D (mm) H (mm) Thread size (inch) Article Price (Piece) Delivery Quantity
    1442-001 WSS1 75 l/min boats <15m 130 315 3/4 Bilgenwasserfilter WSS1 WAVESTREAM 3/4" 75l/min
    Art.Nr.: 1442-001
    thread size (inch): 3/4
    H (mm): 315
    model: WSS1
    capacity: 75 l/min
    for: boats <15m
    D (mm): 130
    net: €150.42

    In stock.

    net: €150.42

    In stock.

    1442-002 WSS2 265 l/min boats >15m 180 350 1 1/2 Bilgenwasserfilter WSS2 WAVESTREAM 1.1/2" 265l/min
    Art.Nr.: 1442-002
    D (mm): 180
    H (mm): 350
    thread size (inch): 1 1/2
    model: WSS2
    capacity: 265 l/min
    for: boats >15m
    net: €293.28

    In stock.

    net: €293.28

    In stock.

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